Recommended Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation Companies

If your home is in a bad situation than there are many companies to choose for your restoration. The Living team has put together a list of our top restoration companies in the South Florida area and we’re going to share our favorite pick! Before we do there are many things the community needs to know about if their home ever has to deal with water damage. 


It doesn’t matter how it happens. If you live in south Florida than it’s likely happened before. Floods, hurricanes, pipes burst, left the water on while you went on vacation. These companies have seen all the excuses and are prepared to take care of them all. 


Disaster Relief Pros out of the Fort Lauderdale metro has had about as much as experience as it gets for water damage restoration. Serving the area that is most known around the nation of hurricanes it’s no wonder their our top pick. If you’re ever in need of water damage restoration Sunrise FL make sure you reach out to them for assistance.

Window tinting for your home is modern, good for the envirment, and it looks amazing!

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to improve the value of your home while simultaneously lowering your power bill then residential window tinting is for you. Having my home’s windows tinted was one of the best decisions I have ever made when it comes to home upgrades.

The prices on a home window tinting job are amazing considering the value of your home. I would highly recommend to anyone to have their home window tinted. Whenever you wake up in the morning you can just feel the difference as you walk into the sunroom of my home. One thing is for sure if you’re considering having your home’s windows tinted then make sure you:

  • Hire a professional window tinting company to do the work.
    • Make sure you hire someone with a license at least.
  • Stay with quality window films
    • Stick to well know name brands
  • Prepare for an open house!
    • Many of your friends and family may want to come see this new modern look on your home so be prepared to host them as the stare with ah.

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Garage doors are a great way to start your 2017 with home improvement!

We all know the importance of having a great looking garage door. When it comes to garage door knowledge Affordable Top Rated Garage Door knows all about what it take to take your home’s value to the next level. If you live in the Montgomery AL area then you are lucky.

We can’t all call on a garage door repair company as good as them but however, we do have options. Just a few important things to remember when it comes to garage door repair companies.

  1. Go who the best quality garage door parts first.
  2. Remember there are many 24-hour garage door repair companies.
  3. Pick a garage door color that goes well with your home, panels, windows, doors, shutters, etc.
I love seeing a home with a great looking garage door. We all want to have one as the one next door it seems like though. I’d love to have a home with all the gadgets. So one simple solution to that problem is to have all the homes.
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Cheap home improvements that actaully go far.

A lot of us are on a major budget when it comes to improving the value of our homes and that’s okay. I’m going to go over the best ways to efficiently increase your home’s value on the cheap. Now please understand that the more you put in the more you’ll get out on the resale. So before you say “I’m going to improve the value of my home for nothing” remember that to get big results you’ll have to spend some money to do so.

These are small but yet great ways to get started in the game of maximizing one’s home’s value in the market. I feel some of the best projects to start are among this list and will serve you well

  1. Where the buyer looks first. Think about what your buyer is going to see first when they arrive at your home. The exterior of your home is going to be the first impression for the could be a home owner. Be sure to pressure wash siding, walkways, garage doors, walls, sidewalks, driveways, and nearly everything exterior. 
  2. Satisfy all senses. When you walk into a home and the first smell that hits you is cat pee then the likeliness of you buying is going to drop massively. Freshen the place up with air fresheners. Check the place for what the smell may be that’s causing the home to smell bad. Grab a friend or family member to come in the home and see if they can smell any bad smells.
  3. Have a plan. You should already know exactly what you’re going to show the buyer as you’re walking them through your home. Know what conversation you’re going to have with them. Figure out exactly why they’re looking to buy your home. Find out what part of the house that they are going to buy they care about the most. Why show them the pool when all they care about is the view?

Simply put selling a home is easy if you dedicate to it. Remember to stick to the plan and keep pushing. If you quit trying to sell your home then your home will never sell.

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Is improving my home’s value more for cosmetic or functional purposes?

I think we have all been pulled into a situation where we had purchased something that looked great in the store but when we got it home seemed cheap and not what you wanted. Now when it’s a twenty dollar dress that’s one thing but when its a $200,000 house you’re not going to be happy.

If you’re on this blog then you may be considering remodeling your home or other ways to improve its value very quickly. On this search, you may find shifty ways to get around repairing certain things around your home. One thing is if you’ve pulled down this path just keep this thought in mind; put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. How would you feel if you bought a house and found something like this?

When you repair something broken around your home do it the correct way. If your garage door is broken then determine if the job is right for you and be honest. Don’t be the guy that wastes all his time on a repair he knows nothing about instead of repairing all the needed repairs he could do. From the beginning go after the best repair’s you’re actually good at and can do.

Not sure which skill under your belt your best at? Well, most of the time it’s the one you did most often.  Look back through your different jobs or your current career. Have you slug hammers or turned ratchets more? I’m sure that you know by now which skill I’m talking about. Go ahead and start knocking out those easy tasks first so they can be done.

Welcome to 2017! It’s time to start improving your home’s value and get back on track.

Hey, I’m Sarah and welcome to my blog! I want to thank you for coming and go ahead and jump right into it. I want to share some of the best ways for you to start improving your home’s value just by making some simple changes. Some of these changes are one and for all and some, you will have to do or not do every day.

Just remember these following things whenever you’re on the fence of doing a project I post about here on my blog.

  • Keep the goal in mind.
    • Anytime you feel that a project is going to more work than you want to put into it then think about the result you’re going to have in return from going forward and finishing the project.
  • Be prepared to put up some dough.
    • Of course, in the long run, we will be saving you money, time, and energy by upgrading certain parts of your home. However, upfront some costs may seem a little much for now. Just be prepared to spend some money on upgrades but I’ll keep a budget in mind while choosing what to share.
  • If you’re wanting to increase the value of your home then keep going and stick to it!
    • If you only do half of what I share with you, in the long run, you will gain back what you have put into your home 10 fold.

Enjoy and if you have a project you want to share then contact me!